User, Event or Sensor Based Control


User Interfaces - Keypads


User Interfaces - Touchscreens

TPT1040 & TPT650


Powered by Vantage's InFusion Media software, the TPT1040 and TPT650 are in-wall LCD touchscreens that provide the ultimate in customisable home control. Featuring a colour VGA touch panel with a wide viewing angle, the 10.4 inch and 6.5 inch screens gives the user a stylish option for enhanced control of all their home systems including lighting, HVAC, audio, video, and more.


User Interfaces - Smart Devices

Built upon a 20-year legacy of innovation in the lighting control industry, the Vantage offering now includes a full range of luxury solutions in the categories of entertainment, lighting, and comfort.


Designed to seamlessly combine aesthetics and technology, Vantage systems give unprecedented control over every facet of life in luxury living and work spaces – from extraordinary lighting scenes to effortless comfort controls to thrilling theatre installations.

Why would I want a control system?


Endlessly pressing wall switches? Searching for your TV remote controls? having to manually set, adjust and operate each and every curtain, blind, light and thermostat independently from each other? These are just some of the numerous daily tasks than can now be executed seamlessly and instantly by a single button press.


A Vantage system enables you to collect all of your home technology and lifestyle patterns into a single manageable network that can be controlled automatically using a pre programmed schedule of events, or by a simple press of a button on a touchscreen, keypad or smart device such as an iPad or iPhone.


The functions of your system can extend far beyond what is shown here and can be customised to suit your exact requirements and lifestyle.


Remote access:


Initiate a lighting mode, check the cameras and more. Additionally if a minor programming adjustment is required this can be carried out by an engineer from any location around the world.

SMS event triggering:


Your on the way home, to turn the lights on and get the heating warmed up, simply send a pre programmed text message such as "welcome home" and the system will do the rest.

Time and date based events:


Trigger regular timed events, or events based on specific dates and times.


Weather info and events:


Trigger events based on certain weather conditions, temperatures and light levels.

Or simply check the week's forecast on your touchscreen.

Motion sensing events:


Trigger events when internal or external motion is detected.


User control interfaces:


Use your Keypads, touchscreens and smart devices to directly trigger events or to control systems in the manner of your choice.




Vantage Keypad Stations are the primary control points of a Vantage automation system. A single keypad can replace entire rows of standard lighting and low voltage switches with simple backlit buttons that add a sophisticated  look to any room.


The Vantage system offers unique features such as programmable LEDs that offer customized LED color selections and that dim or brighten based on time of day, custom engraving to enhance usability, and finishes that complement any interior design aesthetic.


Below are only a few examples of the various keypad button styles and finishes that are available to choose from, these are also available in double gang for increased functions and custom finishes where required.


To see the fulll range visit the Vantage keypad designer webpage or visit to the downloads section of this webpage for brochures


Vantage touchscreens provide completely customized control of your Vantage system from anywhere in your home. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes they offer convenient, intuitive access to whole house lighting, audio, home theatre, energy management, and comfort systems by utilising on-screen graphical buttons, sliders, images and text. And, we can easily customize your touchscreen interface based on your unique lifestyle and personal tastes.

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Apple IPhone & IPad


The Vantage iPhone and iPad Apps offer the most personalised access to your Vantage system from anywhere you are. The app turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a mobile touchscreen complete with the scenes and settings you'd find on any in-wall touchscreen or keypad in your home. Simply touch the screen to dim the lights, scroll through your music library or view camera feeds.


The iPhone App is available as a free download from the App Store, also with a pre programmed demo!

Home Page

Lighting zone selection and status

Replicate wall station functions

Control lights independently or as a group

CCTV camera feed selection

CCTV camera live images

Control whole house audio

Access your music library

Climate zone selection and status

Climate control

iPhone App Screenshots

TPT650  Grey

TPT650  White

TPT1040  Grey

TPT1040  White

Home Page - Profile login screen

Lighting zone selection, status and control

Audio & Video source control

Access your music library

Control whole house audio

iPad App Screenshots

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