Systems integration
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'System integration is also about adding value to the system, capabilities that are only possible because of interactions between subsystems'


The end user experience is one of seamless automation of one’s lifestyle systems; sit back in your armchair, press a single graphical button on the touchscreen and the control system will do the rest.

Artwork or a mirror may rise to reveal a large screen TV, at exactly the same time the shades could close to eliminate the glare of the sun and specific lighting circuits could rise slowly to an intensity defined by you to provide a comfortable light level within the room.

Call a steward to request refreshments, Select the underwater camera to view the sea bed and marine life, browse the internet, read the digital papers or just simply watch the latest movie distributed directly to your room in full high definition and surround sound.


The possibilities are virtually endless and only limited by your imagination and desire.


Touchscreen Control

'An integrated system is a combination of subsystems co-operating together to deliver seamless over-arching functionality'


Today’s Superyachts and luxury residences are becoming progressively more advanced as they are filled with technology specifically designed to automate and simplify the lifestyle of the owner and users.  Commonly these systems include Audio and Video distribution, lighting and shade control, IP telephony, security, information technology and mechanical automation but can extend far beyond that if so required.


Individually these subsystems may provide the user with a control interface such as an infra-red hand held remote, a wall mount keypad, or even a web based interface, but to attempt to control all of these subsystems in this manner on a daily basis would prove demanding and overly complicated.  In this instance a third party control system is required that can be designed to “glue” the subsystems together and provide a single point of control using touchscreen interfaces and bespoke programming.