Speaker System Types - Free Standing and Wall Mount


Speaker System Types - Custom Installation

Whether to provide background audio for your garden, kitchen or bathroom, or to create an awesome home cinema or two channel audio listening room, we have the technical know-how to deliver exactly what is required for you and your installation.


Below are some examples from the highly acclaimed Bowers & Wilkins range, there are many more styles and configurations available but the B&W speaker types mainly fall into the categories detailed here, there is generally a speaker type designed for every installation requirement, follow the links to the products shown in the images for more information.

Satellite and Subwoofer


This configuration utilises small 'satellite' speakers so to be unobtrusive and easily installed on the wall either side of a screen or mounted on stands or feet, they are complimented by a subwoofer speaker that will handle all of the low bass frequencies to produce a well rounded, punchy and engaging sound suitable for areas that have limited space or where large powerful speakers are not required.

Satellite and Subwoofer - High End


Here we see the same 'system type' but in this instance the speakers and subwoofer are far more capable both in reproduction of detail and overall sound pressure level, this is due to the use of superior components and technologies passed down from the flagship speaker ranges.


This type of setup can easily replace the larger wooden type box speakers and allow the aesthetics of the room to take the lead role once more without sacrificing the level of performance.


Floor Standing


If space limitations do not play a role in your room then a whole range of floor standing speakers are available to you at every budget level, each incremental step up the product range brings better performance and detail retrieval, plus the use of more advanced technologies and exotic materials in the construction process.


The physical characteristics of this type of speaker mean that the soundfield will be more encapsulating and ultimately immerse you deeper within the movie or music soundtrack.

In Wall - Mid Range


If install space is not an issue but the budget will not stretch to the highest end, then this range of in wall boxed speakers will provide you with a phenomenal level of performance at a price that makes sense.


Utilising all of the latest technologies this range truly delivers the full cinematic experience and dynamics usually associated with far higher end systems.

Drywall and Ceiling


To fully preserve the aesthetics or a room whilst maintaining a high level of performance, we can offer a range of wall mount or in ceiling speakers that sit flush with the finished surface and can also be painted to match the colour of the room, there is an extensive range from entry level suitable for background audio or to be as discreet as possible, through to full range speakers that are just as capable as  their floor standing cousins and can also be coupled with a range of in wall subwoofers to deliver an immense home theatre experience with limited impact on the room.

In Wall - High End


To take your home theatre to the highest level requires the very best in sound reproduction equipment, this range of speakers are exactly that, they incorporate only the best electronics to produce unimaginable levels of power coupled with intense, explosive and involving detail that will fully immerse you into the movie or music track like no other custom installation system available.


Each speaker has its own equalisation allowing the system to be tailored to the specific environment thus enhancing its performance yet further - a truly outstanding offering that needs to be experienced to be believed.



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