Multi-room AV



What is an Audio and Video distribution system?


In its simplest form this can be a single source such as a satellite receiver located in the lounge for example, that you now want to access in the bedroom where it can then be watched, listened to and most importantly controlled, this can be achieved using some very simple cabling, the existing satellite receivers remote control and a small amount of inexpensive additional devices.

The next level is to distribute a set of sources such as the aforementioned satellite receiver, disc players such as DVD, CD and BluRay and possibly an audio only source such as an iPod dock or Media server, in this instance we need to be able to switch between, and control each source in each of the rooms that we want to receive these sources.


In its simplest form we can achieve this by taking a remote control from each source device into the other rooms and remembering which buttons need to be pressed in order to watch or listen to a source, this is an inexpensive method of source deployment and control but it can be complicated and time consuming.

Moving on from the basic setup we are now into the realm of the matrix switcher and control system, in this configuration some of the source devices such as the satellite receivers will usually be located in a central area within an equipment rack.


The matrix switcher will enable each input source such as DVD, BluRay etc to be sent to multiple rooms simultaneously, and will also allow different rooms to watch and control different sources at the same time, this control is achieved by using a system such as Vantage.


This type of system is scalable from simple 4 room solutions through to massive 128 source 128 room systems if so required, one particular benefit is to be able to select and watch your own personal satellite receiver, iPod dock or media collection in any area that you wish to occupy, simply login to the touchpanel controller and your personal selection of favourites, audio and video will be ready at your fingertips.


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Audio & Video


Lounge, Control Via Normal Remotes

Bedroom, Control Via Normal Remotes

Sky Box




His iPod

Her iPod

His Sky Box

Her Sky Box


Bedroom 3

Swimming Pool

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 1

Matrix switcher allows any source to be viewed and listened to in any location

Lounge, Control Via Normal Remote

Bedroom, Control Via Normal Remote

Sky Box

This advanced scenario not only enables any source to be selected in any location, but with the addition of a touchscreen controller you are able to greatly simplify and automate the task of operating each source, the buttons sequences that you would usually press on each of the remote controls can be pre programmed into a central 'brain' or control system.


Now all you have to do is simply press 'Watch DVD' for instance, the TV will switch on, the amplifier will start up and the correct set of source controls will appear on the touchscreen, at the same time your blinds or curtains could close and the rooms lights could be dimmed, these advanced control functions go hand in hand with touchscreen control and multiroom audio & video distribution systems to create an immersive and powerful whole home or yacht integrated system.


A basic touchscreen layout example can be found on the touchscreen control page