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HomeWorks QS

Lutron HomeWorks® QS provides control of lights, shades, temperature, and appliances for total home control, all while saving energy. With this system, you will experience improved ambiance, convenience, comfort, and security throughout your home or yacht at the touch of a button.



The benfits of Lutron integrated control




Energy Savings

Every time you dim your lights you save energy. Dim them by 25%, for example, and you’ll save 20% energy. The more you dim, the more you save.

In addition to dimming, HomeWorks® QS system provides many other energy-saving benefits.

Occupancy Sensing


Sensors turn lights and standby power

from electronic appliances off when a

person leaves the space.

Appliance Control


Turning off standby power to certain appliances can save 10% of a typical home’s electricity use.

Intelligent Timeclock


The timeclock can be programmed to automatically dim or turn off lights in spaces where lights are often inadvertently left on.


Temperature Control


Adjust heating and cooling systems any time

of day, saving up to 16% or more of your

heating and cooling energy usage.




Controllable window shades can reduce

heating and cooling costs by blocking the

sun’s rays in summer or letting them in

during colder months.

All Off Button


Place an “All Off” button near an entry to

conveniently turn off lights throughout the

home with a single touch.