Control Inputs

Below are some common scenarios that could be used with systems such as Lutron, Vantage and Arteor to integrate all of your lifestyle systems into a single manageable home or yacht network.


Remote Access & Web Control




SMS Event Triggering


Time & Date Based Events


Weather Based Info & Events


Motion Sensing Events

Remote access & Web Control:


Transform your handheld device into a fully mobile keypad and manage your home from any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Android, laptop or Windows Mobile device.

For remote access connect via Wi-Fi or via a cellular network to monitor the home from any location.

Control and monitor multiple homes from anywhere with one handheld mobile device


Entertainment Solution - Start music, start movies, choose sources, manage volume and control theatre systems


Lighting Solution - Enable modes and scenes such as party, vacation, etc


Energy Solution - Simply turn off lights or dim whole areas and individual lighting scenes


Security Solution - Arm security system or view system and sensor status

Possible scenario:


You are away on a business trip and you are due to get home very late, login to your home and get the heating fired up, at the same time turn on the 'away from home scene' to convince potential opportunist thieves into thinking the house is currently occupied, or simply get some relaxing music playing for when you arrive home.

It’s possible to send SMS-commands to control any event on the Vantage System and to receive SMS-status notifications from the Vantage System.


Thanks to the SMS (Short Message Service) you are able to activate some functions at the home while you are away.

When leaving your work after a hard day you can turn on your sauna from your phone. Or maybe you want to set your heating to a certain temperature for when you arrive home from your weekend away.


Or the other way around you can get an SMS from your home when, for example, you have an alarm.


The system is aware of the current time and date and also whether to observe daylight savings, by using these parameters it is possible to program particular scenarios that only occur at specified times and dates, or on a regular basis such as dawn or dusk.

Possible Scenario:


Its early morning, the time clock knows that sunrise is at 06.45, gradually the blinds lift to reveal the rising sun to gently wake you, at the same time your chosen radio station is piped to the speakers, the heating in the bathroom and kitchen is increased to add comfort as you move around, at 08.30 you leave the house and the heating goes to its lowest setpoint and all the lights switch off until you arrive again at 18.00 that evening.


Weather Info


Weather for any location in the world can be shown on the Vantage touchscreen in either a current conditions or an extended five-day forecast.

An unlimited number of weather components each with different locations can be included in the interface.

Weather Events


Sensors can be used to collect information about the current wind speed, whether or not it is raining, the current light level (Lux) and also temperature inside and outside.

Each of these parameters can be used to trigger specific events, or to stop events if necessary.

Possible Scenario:


Its Saturday and the weather forecast is for beautiful sunshine, the temperature and light sensors reach their pre programmed set points and trigger the sun awnings and the overhead windows in the conservatory to open, as the day progresses the weather changes as the wind picks up and the clouds draw in, luckily the sensors are aware of this and once a particular speed is registered the awnings and windows automatically start to close again, as the external light level plummets due to cloud cover the internal lighting in the conservatory is automatically brought up to a pre defined level for your comfort.


Motion Sensing Events - Comfort & Security


Sensors can be integrated into the home or yacht that will sense movement and can trigger events within any of the compatible connected systems, for instance:


You wake up in the middle of the night, you stand up and head out into the hallway, the motion sensor picks up your movement and brings on the ceiling downlights, but only at 20% so not to dazzle you as you make your way to the kitchen or bathroom.


You pass the same sensor in the day and the system knows not to bring the lights on as it is during daylight hours, unless it is a particularly dark day as reported by the ambient light sensors when you could bring these lights onto say 60%.


You have left the house for the weekend, you press the exit button near the front door and arm the security system, this time when the motion sensor is triggered a text message is sent to your mobile phone to warn you of the potential intruder.


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