Arteor is the innovative answer to the increasingly complex requirements in the building business all over the world. Arteor excels by its unique aesthetics and a

rich choice of innovative designs and ergonomical options.


The range reaches from wiring devices, through innovative radio automation solutions, up to fully networked home automation systems based on BUS technology, which can also be integrated into third party solutions.


Its versatility makes Arteor the ideal choice for every kind of project, anywhere in the world at any installation level. Arteor suits any requirement in terms of design and function for every kind of building, from residential to Marine.


Arteor has been developed as an authentic international concept.

This international approach enables it to fulfil local market requirements with specific solutions, designed to match local installation habits.


The range provides all major standards and types of sockets: British, US, Italian, German, French, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Australian, South African…


The timeless design of Arteor features clearly hi-tech characteristics understandable anywhere in the world. Minimalist and sober, its carefully crafted design is inspired by the most modern technological devices, such as flat screens and digital photo frames, creating the impression that the product is floating on the wall.

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The Finishes


From the elegant simplicity of the Neutral finishes to the extreme refinement of the Signature line, a collection rich in choice and fine materials to make each room truly unique.


Diversity of colours, materials and designs, but also à-la-carte ergonomics with the choice of a round or square rocker plate…


The Arteor collection lends itself to infinite combinations to match your style.

The Functions


Right from the very first level the Arteor Home Automation range offers functions allowing a high degree of comfort. With a choice of ergonomics to suit your expectations: Micropush button, or Touch sensitive control. Arteor Home Automation solutions are based on two technologies: BUS and radio.


Advanced Home Automation functionalities to create four living scenarios. Lighting, blinds, heating, hi-fi system… Controlling several functions with a single touch soon becomes second nature. Available in Micropush, touch plate or touch screen versions.


Touch Screens


From a single point control all the settings and multimedia functions in your home, set the lighting in the garden, control the gate…


With the Home Automation screens, the interior and exterior become one.

Aesthetic Connectivity


Designed to adapt to the majority of international standards, Arteor is the solution for all your projects, wherever they are in the world and whatever their destination: home, work, hotel, Yacht...


New technologies, new connections. Arteor adapts to all the digital developments in order to guarantee complete reliability. Data sockets, Power, TV, audio and video sockets… At your home or office, easily connect computers, TVs, MP3s, audio and video equipment.





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Blinds & Curtains

CCTV & Security

Automation & Motors

Intelligent Lighting

Time and date based events:


Trigger regular timed events, or events based on specific dates and times.


Motion sensing events:


Trigger events when internal or external motion is detected.